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Stories from the collection

Discover the human stories behind the collection. Learn about the people, places and events featured in our records.

Each collection insight takes an in-depth look into a group of the records we hold.

Focus on The origins of Section 28

Read about The origins of Section 28

Section 28 of the 1988 Local Government Act negatively affected LGBTQ+ lives for decades. How did such a seismic piece of legislation come about?

  • The story of

    Virginia Hall


    Virginia Hall (1906–1982) was an American who served with the British Special Operations Executive in France in 1941–1942 and built a career in espionage.

  • Record revealed

    Printed circular produced by the National League of the Blind

    In 1920, hundreds of members of the National League of the Blind (NLB) marched 200 miles to campaign for support. This printed circular explains what happened.

  • The story of

    Sir John Fielding


    Sir John Fielding grew to become one of England’s first and greatest police detectives. And for his entire crime-fighting career, he was blind.

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